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The simplest way to create your perfect border
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DIY Gardening made easy!

Create your very own professionally designed garden border.

Our revolutionary, bio-degradable, paper template helps you position the plants perfectly and suppresses weeds for up to 3 months.

Gardenonaroll……… WHY LEAVE IT TO CHANCE?!


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1Step 1
2Step 2
3Step 3
4Step 4

Mark out border width on the ground and remove top layer of turf.

Prepare ground by digging to a depth of at least 20cm (8"). Add soil conditioner if required.

Roll out paper plan and peg into ground (pegs supplied).

Place pre-numbered plants on their indicated positions.

5Step 5
6Step 6
7Step 7
8Step 8

All plants are supplied and have a designated position to ensure correct spacing.

Remove pot and plant into ground through holes cut into paper.

Leave paper plan in place and cover with layer of top soil or bark chippings.

Water plants before and after planting and at regular intervals during dry weather.

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